On this super-sightseeing-day you can enjoy 4 highlights: Eisriesenwelt, the largest ice caves in the world - Hohenwerfen Fortress, often used as movie location - Salzwelten, one of the world's oldest salt mines - Golling Waterfall


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This tour takes you to one of the world's oldest salt mines accessible for visitors at Dürrnberg mountain. The “white gold” mined there played a crucial role in the history of Salzburg and far beyond. It provided almost limitless riches for the prince archbishops to fulfil their urbanistic dreams which are manifested until present days in Salzburg’s baroque magnificence.

Donning a traditional miner’s cloths, using a small miner’s train and sliding down smoothly polished wooden slides you will go down level by level and enter not only the mysteries of a world far inside the mountain. You will also travel back in time for ages. A miner will guide you vividly explaining about the history as well as telling exciting legendary tales like the one of the “Man in the Salt”. A highlight will be the raft trip across the subterranean salt lake.

With fun and excitement you will discover the history of the “white gold” hidden for millions of years.

Hohenwerfen Fortress

In the south of Salzburg, high above the valley of the Salzach River, the majestic fortress Hohenwerfen (dating back to the 11th century) will provide you the great view far into the valley which in olden days gave it the status of a strategic bulwark. Because of its beauty and the extraordinary location this fortress was used as a set for many movies (f.e. Where Eagles Dare). Used as a prison for many centuries with famous captives, it also harbored a training camp for the Austrian Police (until 1987). Today it houses weapons, various special exhibitions, the first Austrian Falconry Museum (a historic Falconry Center with daily flight demonstrations), and, of course, a tavern.


Officially discovered in 1879 (the first two hundred meters) the main explorations from 1920 on revealed a cave system over 40 km in length, which soon attracted the first tourists. At present the grandeur of Eisriesenwelt is one of the top destinations for sightseeing in Salzburg country. With its huge halls, narrow accesses, icy sculptures of gigantic size, small ice curtains, corridors, crevices and light effects; the ice caves are unique in all respects.

As the temperature almost the whole year is below freezing, proper shoes, including warm clothes and gloves are necessary. Please also notice that within the ice caves you have to go up and down 134 m. Of course, the tour guides are considerate of tour members and reasonable pace. The experience of this miracle of nature will reward the effort; however, persons with serious walking difficulties or heart-circulation-problems are asked not to enter the caves. It is also not suitable for children under approx. 4 years.

Golling Waterfall

If the weather and time allows we also will stop at Golling Waterfall. A romantic path through the forest leads to this natural highlight that goes down 75m over 2 steps.


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